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Since our establishment in 1993, VIPRE Automotive has been sincerely dedicated to providing customers with honesty, professionalism, and true customer satisfaction.


VIPRE Automotive is committed to providing the best solutions to automotive sales, service, or repair. By relying on VIPRE Automotive, you can rest assured that we will absolutely expend 100% of our effort to provide the highest quality solutions to your automotive needs.


Since our establishment, we've retained one very key business model, which consists of placing the customer at the core of our business. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to not only achieve that, but to exceed all customer expectations.

About Us

The Success

We believe the key to our success begins with our devoted staff team, and ends with our dedication to customer satisfaction.

The Advantage

With well over 25 years experience in the industry, VIPRE Automotive is the number one choice for thousands of automotive customers.

The Products

We believe in providing the highest quality products, which is why we hand pick our vehicles directly from our wholesale sources.

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Sales Office

10091 N Second Street, Laurel MD, 20732

Service Office

10075 N Second Street, Laurel MD, 20732

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